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In The Uninformed Voter, Robert Levine draws a straight line between the fact that voters are increasingly uninformed about
the candidates, their positions and how government works, and the fact that corruption, inefficiency and partisanship flourish in Washington. Voters lacking information elect officials who are venal, incompetent or unresponsive. Having proved his case, Levine offers solutions that are eminently reasonable.


About Robert Levine


A Vietnam vet and a Columbia history major who became a neurologist and an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Yale, Bob Levine has watched the evolution of American politics over 40 years with increasing alarm. He believes the basis of democracy’s failings are the many voters who are unaware of the structure or workings of government, and the positions of the candidates running for office. Too often, voting is determined by tribal affiliations, following friends and neighbors without knowing the issues their candidates support. Because of their lack of information or misinformation, they frequently elect incompetent or corrupt politicians to office who are unable to perform the duties of their offices.


With a non-partisan approach, The Uninformed Voter provides examples of democracy’s problems and offers suggestions for improvement. In an increasingly complex world, the nation needs smart, competent and knowledgable officials if it is to survive and thrive.

Reviews of The Uninformed Voter by Kirkus and Booklife have both been laudatory. Levine has written two other political books, Shock Therapy for the American Health Care System about health care reform, and Resurrecting Democracy about the need for a centrist third party. He has also written three books on aging and dementia, all of which were well reviewed. He has been a contributing journalist to The Moderate Voice, a centrist website for 8 years.


Other Books by Robert Levine


Shock Therapy for the American Health Care System describes the problems of the current health care system and offers a program of comprehensive reform that is more far reaching than anything currently being proposed. READ MORE


A Viet Nam vet and Columbia history major who became a medical doctor, Bob Levine has watched the evolution of American politics over the past 40 years with increasing alarm. He knows he's not alone.



Everyone ages. Not everyone ages well. Aging Wisely explains that much of what happens to our minds and bodies as we grow older depends on our approach to life and our attitudes and feelings about ourselves.


The Rolling Stones (now in their sixties) have sung to us for years about what a drag it is getting old, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Despite living in a youth-oriented society, many of the aged patients seen by Dr. Levine have kept their emotional zest, intellectual zeal, and empowering dignity.


Levine’s book explains dementia and its causes, in all of its forms, with a focus on what research shows we can do to lower our risk of developing dementia. Written to encourage defensive action, the book is meant both as a guide and a reference to understanding and preventing dementia.

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